Our services

We offer highly specialized services along the entire embedded software development process. Our knowledge includes techniques, methods and tools for software development in industrial and safety-critical environments. Our experience from the collaboration with our industrial partners makes us your ideal partner for challenging software development projects.

Test Engineering

icon_bluegrey_testengineering_256pxTest processes, methods and tools for planned and systematic verification and validation of embedded software.


Test Automation

icon_bluegrey_testautomatisierung_256pxAn efficient and effective way to find software errors and assure the quality of your product. We help you to plan and implement automated tests.


Model Based Development

icon_bluegrey_modelbasierteentwicklung_256pxDeveloping complex technical systems by a model-based approach.

Requirements Management

icon_bluegrey_anforderungsmanagement_256pxIntroducing and deploying requirements management processes and tools is the foundation for all further steps within the development process.


HIL Systems

icon_bluegrey_hiltesting_256pxConsulting services and implementation of automated testing with hardware-in-the-loop systems.Tailor made HiL solution that meets your requirements.



icon_bluegrey_programming_256pxWe offer software development for industrial embedded systems and IoT applications in safety-critical areas such as automotive, medical, railroad and energy technology.


Application Lifecycle Management

almWe create a unified environment for managing all development activities and for cross-department communication and collaboration.


The testing framework ContinoProva integrates your hardware and software tools for automated testing.

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