Flexible tool for automated testing of embedded software

Verify the quality of your embedded systems by automated testing! ContinoProva integrates test tools into an adjustable testing environment and executes automated tests. Learn more about the functionalities and benefits of the testing tool ContinoProva!

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Learn more about the features of ContinoProva and how to use it for automated functional testing of embedded systems.


Automated Testing with ContinoProva – The features

Integration of tools –
Maximum flexibility

WerkzeugintegrationContinoProva is a tool that integrates hard- and software tools for automated testing. Existing and new testing and development tools can be connected with ContinoProva. Thanks to ist open interface, it is very easy to customize the test environment according to your needs.

Test Debugging –
Examine the behaviour of your test

TestdebuggingContinoProva facilitates the application of debugging mechanisms from software development in the testing process. To examine the behavior of your test, add breakpoints, run your test up to the breakpoint and view the current values of your signals and variables.

Test specification –
Tool-spanning  and easy-to-use

TestspezifikationDefining a test specification with ContinoProva is very easy. The test specification editor provides a graphical user interface (GUI) which can be intuitively operated. Testing operations are defined without any scripts.

Traceability –
Traceable relation between requirements and Tests

TraceabilityUse drag & drop or enter the requirement IDs to set and trace trace the relation between tests and requirements. You can see which requirements are covered by which tests. Moreover, you can analyze which tests are effected by requirements changes.

Tool for cross-tool automated testing

With ContinoProva you benefit from high flexibility while configuring your test environment

  • Client-server architecture – The components “ContinoProva Client” and “ContinoProva Server” are the core parts of the tool. They can be installed and used on computers within a network.
  • Integration of various tools –  With the open interfaces of the server you can integrate external development and testing tools or implement communication interfaces needed for your test object. Reduce initial costs for testing ressources by integrating available tools and reusing them in the automated environment.
  • Cross-tool test specification – Via the test specification you can use the interfaces of connected tools to remote control them and access their set of operations. Setting and reading signal values can be automated as well as the initialization and calibration of tools (e.g. of an oscilloscope).


The benefits of using ContinoProva

  • Re-usage of existing testing tools
  • Flexible testing environment which can be deployed in various test stages and test projects
  • Low initial costs

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