Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can we help you? Below you will find answers to the most common questions concerning ContinoProva. If you have the felling that some information is missing please don’t hesitate to contact us by our contact form, email or phone. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

ContinoProva Features

ContinoProva Features

Can I deploy ContinoProva for hardware-in-the-loop tests (HiL tests) ?

ContinoProva is a testing platform with open interfaces for any testing tool or device. Therefore you can also connect a HiL testing environment to ContinoProva for HiL testing.

Can I link requirements management (RM) tool with the tests specified in ContinoProva? If yes, which RM tools are supported?

Yes, ContinoProva supports traceability from requirements to tests. Requirements can be imported from a spreadsheet with tab separated values (.tsv). Then, they are displayed in ContinoProva and can be linked to tests by drag & drop or manually by typing the requirements ID into the dedicated field. Then, the test specification with the assigned requirements can be exported into a .tsv-file which can be imported into your requirements management tool.
The requirements interface is a universal interface. ContinoProva just needs a spreadsheet in .tsv format with column titles in the first row and a column named “Object Identifier” with the requirements IDs. If you manage to export your requirements from your requirements management tool and transform it into the mandatory .tsv format then importing the requirements into ContinoProva is possible. IBM Rational DOORS for example is a requirements management tool which supports the .tsv-format.

Which test activities are automated by ContinoProva?

ContinoProva is a platform that automates the test execution and automatically generates a test evaluation for the documentation.

Which test activities are supported by ContinoProva: test planning, test specification, test implemenation, test execution, test analysis, test documentation and/or test management?

ContinoProva itself supports test specification, test implementation, test execution, test analysis and test documentation. However, you can also link external tools for test management for planning, managing and versioning your tests.

Tool integration

ContinoProva Tool Integration

Can I implement tool services by myself?

Yes, you can implement tool services by yourself. We offer a template and a documentation for service implementation.

How much effort has to be invested in order to implement a service for an external device or a software tool?

The effort for implementing services depends on the complexity of the API, the number of needed functionalities and the user’s skills. Simple services can be implemented within 2 hours.

Which external devices or software tools can be linked to ContinoProva?

ContinoProva is a platform with open interfaces. Every external device or software tool which offers a communication interface (e.g. COM interface) and a proper Application Program Interface (API) can be linked to the ContinoProva platform.

Which information about the external device or software tool do I need to know to implement tool services?

User needs to have information about the API or the software driver.

Which programming language is used for implementing tool services?

Tool services are implemented in C#.

Test specification

ContinoProva Test Specification

Can tests be specified in other tools and then be imported into ContinoProva?

Yes. ContinoProva is implemented as a framework. So the interface between the ContinoProva Client and the test specification is an abstract one. Technically, there is a component between the test specification and the ContinoProva Client called “testcontrol”. The testcontrol’s task is to read the test specification and hand over one step after the other to the Client. If you want to specify the test in a different tool than the ContinoProva Editor, there are two possible ways:

  1. Transform the test specification into the .itd XML format of ContinoProva and use the ContinoProva’s testcontrol.
  2. A new testcontrol has to be implemented which reads your test specification and hands it over to the ContinoProva Client.


ContinoProva License

Can I evaluate ContinoProva?

Yes. To evaluate ContinoProva we offer an evaluation version which can be requested here. The evaluation version is for free.

How much does a regular license cost?

If you are interested in the prices, please contact us by email to or by phone (+49 30 6098501-0).

Which licensing mechanisms are offered?

We offer floating licenses. If you order a regular ContinoProva license you will receive a dongle with one or more licenses on it.

You can contact us by phone or email:

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