High-quality engineering services for the development of embedded software

We offer convincing and proven skills covering the whole development process of ECUs and embedded software as well as methods and tools for quality assurance.

We combine expert know-how and practical experience to create innovative services and products.

The management


SadeghSadeghipour_2Dr. Sadegh Sadeghipour

With the vision of reliable software in electronic systems, Dr. Sadeghipour founded the company IT Power Consultants GbR in 2000, which changed its name to ITPower Solutions GmbH in 2012.
The experience from his work at the research department of Daimler AG and his passion for software processes, methods and tools relating to embedded systems encourage his commitment as an entrepreneur.

Across-Industry competence

We offer consulting services and operative support along the development process of complex software-based embedded systems. Tools supporting your development and testing processes are also part of our portfolio.

The company has its roots in the automotive industry. Since those days ITPower Solutions GmbH established itself as a successful partner for processes, methods and tools in requirements engineering, testing, modelbased development and project management. Automotive manufacturers as well as automotive suppliers trust our solutions and products.


medical_iconMedical technology
Complying with the legal requirements of the Medical Devices Act (MPG) we provide you with consulting services for optimizing your processes, methods and tools. Extend your project capacities and ressources with the help of our experts who will work towards your development-, testing- and project goals!


bahntechnik_iconRailway technology
Software development in the railway industry has to consider safety aspects and high complexity. We are focused on providing consulting services around systematic development and testing processes and appropriate tools. At ITPower Solutions GmbH you will find experts with profound knowledge about engineering processes and industry Standards.


industry_iconAutomation industry
The verification and validation of software is an essential quality feature in electrics, electronics and programmable logic control units in machines used  in the automation industry. Systematic processes, methods and tools as well as qualified employees contribute to solutions and products that meet highest quality Standards.