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The quality assurance of embedded Systems is challenging, not only because of the complexity of the Software, but also because of its interaction with other components and hardware modules which has to meet quality requirements. With a Hardware-in-the-Loop system (HiL) you can assure the quality of the test object effectively and efficiently. Even difficult environmental conditions are simulated and allow you to execute automated tests that bring your test object to its limits.

Challenges in the development and testing of software-intensive systems

Environmental simulation

Testing electronic systems in real environments is essential before delivery and commissioning.  But what if the environmental components themselves are not yet available? This is where hardware-in-the-loop test-environments are used. With the help of a HiL test stand the environment of the system can be simulated.

Challenge: The creation of models that adequately simulate the environment of the system under test.

Test Automation

Regardless of the chosen development process (sequential as in the V-model or agile as in SCRUM), in every development process tests have to be repeated after the respective development phases. Back-to-back tests and regression tests are necessary to ensure quality. Test automation enables you to achieve reproducible results, short test runtimes and higher test coverage.

Challenge: The design and implementation of a test automation strategy.


The test environment must be highly flexible, because the interfaces can change during the different development phases. This flexibility is ensured by the correct selection of the HiL system, its components and configuration.

Challenge: The selection and configuration of the suitable HiL system for your test object.

Our service portfolio

  • Design and planning – Selection of a HiL system and other hardware components for your test object according to your requirements
  • Commissioning – Construction and configuration of the HiL test stand
  • Maintenance – Adaptation of the HiL test environment according to your needs as well as integration of hardware and software
  • Qualification – Qualification of the HiL test environment according to the applicable standards of your domain

Your benefits

  • Competent advice by our experts
  • Tailor made HiL solution that meets your requirements
  • Cost minimization by avoiding the use of oversized HiL environments
  • A Reliable partner who is objective and independent from any HiL manufacturer

Customer success stories


  • Design, construction and commissioning of a HiL test system for the charge management function of electric vehicles based on CANoe and integration of external hardware components
  • Implementation and execution of HiL tests with the CANoe integrated test feature set

Medical technology

  • Design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of a HiL test stand for cardiac support systems based on a dSPACE® HiL test system
  • Development and servicing of the environment model
  • Support in qualifying the HiL test stand
  • Connection of the test framework ContinoProva to the HiL environment
  • Implementation of automated HiL tests with ContinoProva

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