Optimized development through a holistic perspective!

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) combines and unifies various phases of the software lifecycle that until recently were thought of and treated separately, e.g. project management, requirements management, test management, release management and customer support.

On the one hand ALM represents a method that aims to integrate these previously separated phases of software development and operation. This integration results in comprehensive workflows and processes that help you to define, track, change and successfully implement your development activities and artifacts across phases, domains and tools.

On the other hand, this approach is inextricably linked to the use of supporting software tools that underpin the respective processes and enable their realization. ALM tools provide a unified environment for managing all development activities and for cross-functional and cross-departmental communication and collaboration between software development teams, test departments, customer support and other stakeholders involved.

Our portfolio

We guarantee you well-founded and independent advice that is entirely focused on your requirements and needs.

  • Development process analysis – examination of current workflows, processes and working methods
  • Tool evaluation – selection and comparison of different ALM solutions according to our analysis and your requirements
  • Concept development – definition and review of workflows and processes
  • Implementation – Introduction of new ALM solutions into your corporate environment
  • Integration – Adapting the ALM solution to fit your IT infrastructure
  • Customizing – Configuration of tools, migration of existing data and adaptation of processes
  • Coaching – Training and education to help you get the most out of your ALM solution

Your benefits

  • Freedom of choice: ALM tools support you in implementing your preferred method of software development, whether classic or agile. Handle even complex projects with large, multidisciplinary teams that operate across locations
  • Continuous integration: Continuous development, modification, delivery and maintenance of your product starting from the initial idea, through requirements definition and concrete software design, on to development and testing, further on to deployment and continued operation as well as maintenance of the software.
  • Strengthen quality assurance: With the help of ALM tools, you ensure traceability from the idea to the finished product and thus improve the quality of your test process. Change management and version control ensure the transparency and consistency of your data. Meet regulatory quality standards and achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Delivery management: Complex and variant-rich applications pose increasing challenges and risks for the delivery process. Good workflows, processes, analytics, and automation can make a big difference.
  • Future proof: As embedded software becomes more prevalent in electronic devices, ALM can help you to innovate. Coordinate the development process of hardware and software and ensure the integration of different components

Customer success stories


  • Design and implementation of the interconnection between a requirements management tool and a test design tool to realize traceability between requirements and tests